Fluid forces are reaction forces of the fluid on the mixing impeller as a result of transient fluid flow asymmetries. (See paper by Weetman and Gigas 2002)

These loads are dynamic and are transmitted from the impeller blades, to the mixer shaft, gear reducer and mixer support structure.



Fluid forces are amplified in the presence of dynamic resonance conditions.  This occurs if resonances are at the shaft speed or the blade passage frequency.





 Weetman uses the state of the Art "Pimento" Portable  Sprectrum  Analyzer                         



Low Frequency Accelerometers and Proximeter are used to measured the vibrations and forces.


By applying a force at the impeller, the mixer system can be calibrated to measure the fluid forces. ( Weetman patent)



 *Weetman Patents and Trademarks assigned to SPX Process Equipment, Lightnin Operation

Figures: Courtesy of SPX Process Equipment, Lightnin Operation

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