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S30 Sparge System*

                                                                                        Weetman Inventions*


  Areas for gains in productivity:


The A315 impeller can handle over 3 times the gas of conventional hydrofoils and pitch blade turbines and give lower shear rates then radial flow impellers. These lower shear rates are needed for some shear sensitive applications.




The up-pumping A340 can greatly increase process gains (up to 100%).  This is accomplished by its gas induction at the surface and its high velocity at the tank wall, which increases heat transfer.  The A340 process gains are enhanced by the gas and liquid flow moving in the save direction.  New developments for the A340 increases the gas handling by 20%.



The S20 sparge reduces the forces on a radial impeller by an order of magnitude.




The S30 sparge system can handle 3 to 5 times the gas of a conventional sparge.


 Gas Liquid Applications